A Fin24 report acknowledges pension plans are “outdated”

On 19 September 2016, Fin24, a financial reporter in the Sanlam/Naspers stable, acknowledged; “Everything we believe about retirement is fast becoming outdated”

They went further and reported; “it is unrealistic to stop working and earning an income at age 60 hoping that retirement savings will cover 40+ years of living”

According to this report only 5% of South Africans will be able to afford retirement. The rest will have to work till they die!

Well done Fin24. It is fantastic to read a report that flies 100% into the faces of your Sanlam bosses!

I can just wonder what the Insurance Industry and their army of “financial advisors” say about this. I'm sure they are furious because how do they explain now to a 65 year old person that the pension plan they sold to him or her 45 years ago is “outdated”?

Just as I thought Fin24 saw the light, they stunned me with the following stupidity:

Guess what is Fin24's recommendation to you to avoid falling foul to the same scam they are reporting about?

You won't believe it, but it's true. They suggest you go to the same industry who scammed the pensioners 45 years ago, or as they put it; “The first step you need to take is to seek financial planning advice, by hiring a financial advisor to make sure that you (sic) able to make the correct arrangements so that you are able to retire comfortably when you come to that age. It is of the utmost importance that you obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser who can take your personal circumstances into consideration.”

Guys, be careful of these fraudsters. Rather create your Own Pension with a Certain Type of Property in your own Specialised Trust Structure!

The Treoc Way, or “pyramid” as Fin24 likes to call it, is undisputedly the ONLY SOLUTION to retirement. Dr. Johan van Zyl, former Sanlam CEO, followed the trust way himself … not the Sanlam way!

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(This article reflects the personal opinion of Coert Coetzee)